The Governor House functions under two wings:

1. Governor’s Secretariat, headed by Principal Secretary to Governor .

Special Secretaries, Additional Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and Section Officers assist the Principal Secretary.

2. Military Secretary’s Wing, headed by Military Secretary (serving officer of Pakistan’s Armed forces). Under the Military Secretary there is an ADC (also a serving officer of Armed Forces), a Deputy Secretary, Comptroller, Protocol Officer and Section Officer General).

Press Secretary to Governor looks after the Media related matters and keeps liaison between the Press and Governor House.

Infrastructure Offices:

The Main building consists offices of Governor, Advisers, Principal Secretary, Military Secretary, ADC, Comptroller and Private Secretary. Other offices and Dispensary are also located in the Governor House premises in separate office blocks.

Staff Colony:

Most of the employees live along the periphery of Staff Colony of Governor’s House. Thirty-one new flats have expanded accommodation facilities in the Colony. In the Industrial Home inside the Colony, wives and daughters of the residents learn needle and sewing work. In Sanitors Colony, which has, some thirty quarters in all the third generation of sweepers are living now.

The Rangers and Security guards accommodation is just beside Gate Number One of Governor’s House facing the mosque whose foundation stone was laid by Lt. Gen. Jahandad Khan, Governor of Sindh on 16 December 1984. Just beside the mosque is a garden and a large fountain around which “Bara Khana” or the annual grand dinner of the Rangers / and Security staff is held.

The three-room dispensary which has been renovated and its walls plastered over is, perhaps, the only surviving building of old Government House and as such it is more than 140 years old.

Rose Garden:

For the Landscape and gardens, services of David Elsworth were obtained as consultant and a new orchard laid out along the West Side and row of gold mohars (emblem tree of Karachi) was planted along the entrance of Governor House. The orchard contains a botanical garden in which two varieties each of well known plants and flowers of Sindh have been planted through the courtesy of Vice Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. A rose garden has also been planted containing 36 kinds of roses, which provides fresh flowers at no cost to the Governor House. A walkway has been constructed for security purposes to protect the house from mushroom growth of high rise buildings.

Chahar Bagh:

In keeping with the traditional concept of Islamic Gardens of Paradise, Chahar Bagh has been laid out replicating with four squares garden at the entrance of Jahangir’s tomb. The Chabutra, the site of swearing in ceremony of Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General of Pakistan, has been paved with a geometrical design in stone.